Monday, October 19, 2009

Detroit Shock, WNBA. Season of Whither

Editorial Viewpoint
Jack Rosenberg

Being a publisher of Detroit's only sports magazine I can tell you it was very hard to come up with good and interesting editorial each month concerning the Shock and the WNBA.

In my opinion the biggest problem with the WNBA is the season.
It's during the summer when people are out on their boats, on vacation, on the golf course or gone camping.
That to me, is the biggest mistake!

Change the season so I coincides with the NBA, play around the NBA schedule when its cold out and people are more inclined to go to an indoor sporting event.
Not the middle of summer!

Next, play the games at a college campus arena instead of 22k seat venues, the economics are way out of whack. You're forcing a square peg in a round hole.

Finally, to be brutally honest, the WNBA was a hard sell here in Detroit because we are a heavy duty sports city and the WNBA just didn't cut it.

Maybe the game needs some rule changes; lower the net or make the court smaller. Woman basketball players are (on average) nine inches shorter than the average NBA player, so it only makes sense that the rim should be nine inches lower. This is not an insult to women, it's just a simple fact.

I'm not sure what the answer is to increase the intensity of the game and spark an interest.

But, it's not our problem anymore to worry about...