Friday, January 15, 2010

Pistons Trade Rumors Heating Up

Joe Dumars, Pistons President, says he's working the phones in hopes of making another trade as part of his long-term solution to fixing the team's problems. The Pistons just recently endured a 13-game losing streak and have struggled with injuries all season.

Reserve guard Will Bynum has returned to practice but is still out with an injured left ankle. Fellow backup guard Ben Gordon and starting forward Tayshaun Prince are still day-to-day with their injuries.

Detroit's trade rumors are countless, but the one making most headlines has Dumars sending Prince to the Utah Jazz for power forward Carlos Boozer, a player who's been linked to the Pistons since last summer. Boozer himself would likely only be a short-term fix since he becomes a free agent this summer, but the cap space Detroit would gain could be used on another set of available players to develop down the road.

Steve St-Pierre
Sports Writer
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